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It's a cloudy day and almost cold, the soil, the bloom of the grass and the gardens show the effect of the latter rain.
Hector goes to the headquarters of the Honourable Society to set details of the latest negotiations. The desk comes with the great deference. Once accepted the challenge of Achilles, with the mediation of the Honorable, he was now regarded as a valuable object, and indeed it was comparable to a horse race, which pays premiums to its owner.
The office room is not big and contains little furniture. In one corner is the secretary sitting at her desk, on the opposite wall there are several ports that communicate with other rooms in the office and some couches. After greeting and tell who comes is invited to sit. She did not know the details of the importance of Hector, but knows he is beautiful, has a majestic, who messes with her and gives her chills. Now and then she looks up from his papers and run them around to see him covertly, and feel a desire to bite him.
in Luz e escuridão .

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