twilight .


He walked to the doorway and started to follow him but he stopped me with one hand.
- No, stay here. - He asked me.
I felt my cheeks blush at the exaggeration. It had been too hasty. He entered her house and shut the door without looking back, without looking at me. I was about three minutes shrouded in darkness and cold of the night that insisted on making me shiver. I tried to screw me with my own arms but not worth it. I could see the steam coming out of my mouth and I felt like a bit of snow in the cold, being so pale and for being almost freezing. Suddenly a strong arm wrapped behind me. The smell was so distinctive, his touch was so yours ... I turned to him, staring at him and noticed that his honey-colored eyes gleamed in the moonlight.

twilight , new moon , eclipse & and breaking dawn .
this makes me feel good (:

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